School Pictures

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If you would like to order your child’s school pictures, order forms were due on October 14th.  Please do not send in envelopes at this time.  Instead, please order photos online from Irvin Simon. Thank you for your cooperation!

If you are not satisfied with your child’s pictures or if your child was absent on October 19th, there will be a Retake Day on Friday, December 2nd.

Knicks tickets!

Are you interested in reduced-price Knicks tickets?  MSG has provided PS99 with a group discount on tickets for the game on Sunday, November 6th vs. Utah. There will be an anti-bullying message during the game so this will be a very family-friendly game.

Tickets for the 200 level and 400 level usually cost between $100 and $125, but as a District 28 family you can get 200 level tickets for $43 and 400 level tickets for $25. 

The deadline has passed. Stayed tuned for more opportunities. 

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