Winter Coat Drive & Swap!

Coat Drive

On Wed 12/20 3-5pm we will host a swap where PS 99 families can “shop” for any needed winter items.


We will be collecting new or gently used coats, vest, snow pants and boots for those in need. (Just those items, please.)  No need to donate to participate!

Also looking for volunteers to help sort, organize and distribute.  This is a great way to support our community! Contact Rachel Gosine for more info: 718-658-2102

Holiday Concert

TUES 12/12 FOR GRADES 1 & 2 (10AM): 
CLASSES ON STAGE: 3-124, 3-114, 3-206, 4-202, 4-203, 5-303, 5-308, 5/6-306, 6-301

WED 12/13 FOR GRADES 3 & 5 (9:15AM):
CLASSES ON STAGE: 3-120, 3-122, 4-201, 4-204, 5-307, 5-302, 6-304

THUR 12/14 FOR GRADES 4 & 6 (9:15AM):
3-124, 3-114, 3-206, 4-204, 4-203, 5-310, 5-308, 6-305

CLASSES ON STAGE: 3-122, 4-203, 4-204, 5-302, 5-307, and various Grade 6 students

CLASSES ON STAGE: 3-120, 3-122, 4-202, 4-203, 5-302, 5-307, 6-301

The P.A. After School Performers will be accompanying the classes on stage.

*IMPORTANT: Students performing at the evening performance must return a signed permission slip before the day of the performance.


PS99 WinterFest 12/15 – Buy Your Tickets Tomorrow and Friday


Let’s celebrate this wonderful Holiday Season together! Please join us in the ANNEX Multipurpose Room/Cafeteria for WinterFest – a celebration with food, photos, entertainment, raffles and lots of fun!

Grades K-2: Doors Will Open at 5:30 pm – Party Will End at 6:45 pm

Grades 3-6: Doors Will Open at 7:15 pm – Party Will End at 8:30 pm

There will be two parties to accommodate students and their families.  If you have children in multiple grades, choose one party time and attend as a family. Space is limited, so we ask that you please bring only your children who attend PS99.

Get your tickets ($3 each) in the Annex from December 7th and 8th (Thursday and Friday) from 7:50-9:00am! The tickets will be sold first come first served, on these dates only. Do not send money in children’s backpacks. Please note that tickets are reserved for current PS99 students and one adult per family.

We need your help!  If you would like to volunteer please fill out our online form at  and indicate which shift you’d like to volunteer for:

-Decorating – 3:30-5:00

-First Party – 5:30-6:45pm

-Second Party – 7:15-8:30pm

-Clean Up Crew – 8:30-9:00pm