Winterfest in the Annex lobby from 7:50 – 9:00am. The PA will be selling tickets only on these two dates. Tickets are first come first served. $3 per person. If you have children in multiple grades, please choose one party to attend as a family.

(Due to space limitations we have a one adult per family policy. We also ask that you only bring children who attend PS99 for this reason. Thank you for your understanding. See you on December 7th!)

PA GENERAL MEETING: Upcoming Special Events & PS 99 Photo Project – November 29th

Learn the ABCs of the PA, and find out about upcoming events and volunteer opportunities that make 99 a special place for your child!

Class parents connect and share ideas for how we can best support our children’s teachers.
Find out how you can make this milestone year special for your 6th or 2nd grade child.
Parent and photographer, Valerie Zimmer will discuss a very special photo project that “will spotlight the diverse immigrant families of the PS99 community and the possessions they’ve carried with them through their immigration journeys and beyond.”
Do you have an object from your home country that you hold dear? Would you like to share your experience?
Zimmer is seeking immigration stories to celebrate PS99’s diverse student body for our World Fest Week on February 4-8.
Childcare is available for school-aged children. Light refreshments will be served.
Thursday, November 29th
Main Building Auditorium

PS 99 is truly lucky to have such a caring community!

Some scenes from last night’s Bake Sale and Coat Fair. Thank you to all the parents and friends who brought in delicious baked goods, donated money and winter clothing to the effort!

Proceeds from the bake sale will be directed to help teachers’ classroom wish lists. We’ve distributed a good amount of clothing, and will send the left over gear to the local shelter.

We really appreciate everyone’s generosity, and are especially thankful for the parent volunteers who helped with setting up, selling, and cleaning up. PS 99 is truly lucky to have such a caring community!

Thank you to all who donated to the coat drive!


A hearty thank you to everyone who has donated winter clothing to the coat drive. We will be setting up the distribution tables today during Parent-Teacher Conference hours in the Main Building (1-3pm & 5-7pm).

PS 99 families: please feel free to stop by and see if there are any items you can use. There are coats, sweaters, pants, vests, shirts, boots, and winter accessories available.

PA Bake Sale – Thursday, November 15

Bake Sale

Hey parents! The PA Bake Sale is happening Thursday during Parent Teacher Conferences, and we need your help! We’re seeking donations of nut-free baked goods individually wrapped snacks, (sweet or savory.) Store bought pre-packaged goods can be delivered by Thursday’s drop off/dismissal times. If you’re planning on donating homemade goods, please label with ingredients.

We’re also looking for volunteers for the Bake Sale. Can you spare a couple of hours to help? If so email us at!

Important Mid-November Updates

Hello parents! We’ve got a slate of activities for the upcoming week that we need you to be aware of. Please take a moment and add these to your calendar:


  • School will be closed on Monday, November 12 in observance of Veterans Day.Workshop


  • Parent Workshop: Dealing with Stress at Home 8:45-10:00am at the Main Building Library (Learn tips and techniques to help our children deal with a traumatic event.)
  • Open School for Grades K-2 from 8:45-9:45am (Parents are welcomed to the Annex to observe their child in class.)


  • Open School for Grades 3-6 from 8:45-9:45am (Parents are welcomed to the Main Building to observe their child in class.)



  • Half day for all students – Early Dismissal
  • Parent-Teacher Conferences 1:00-3:00pm & 5:00-8:00pm (You will be receiving your child’s report card. Please show up at your scheduled appointment time.)
  • Parents Association Bake Sale (Please support the bake sale as proceeds collected is directed to teachers’ classroom wish lists. We are accepting donations of nut-free baked goods, individual wrapped snacks and beverages for sale.)
  • 2nd Grade & 6th Grade Dues A PA board member will be on hand to collect dues
  • Coat Fair 1:00-3:00pm & 5:00-7:00pm (Clothing collected from the drive will be available for PS 99 students and their families in the Main Building.)



  • Grade 1 Tea with the Principal at 8:30am at the Main Building Library (Grade 1 parents will have an opportunity to meet with Principal Foglio and the head teacher to learn more about the itinerary and happenings for first grade.)
  • Open School for Grades 5-6 from 8:45-9:45am (Parents are welcomed to the Main Building to observe their child in class.)
  • November Birthday Celebrations
  • Title 1 Meeting 8:30am at the Main Building Library (Being a Title 1 school this year means our school qualifies for federal funding. Qualified parents must help decide how some of this money is to be spent. PS 99 needs your voice to vote on how this money will be used to best help children from low-income families succeed in our school. District 28 Family Leadership Coordinator Sonia Rueda will be on hand to walk us through the process of navigating the guidelines.)

2nd Grade Dues Deadline: November 15


Help us make the 2nd Grade Moving Up Ceremony a huge success!

This is an exciting year for our 2nd grade students! Next year they will move to the Main Building for 3rd grade and join the “big kids.”

In celebration of this milestone, parents and guardians are invited to attend the Moving Up Ceremony on Tuesday, June 25, 2019, followed by a light breakfast in the Main Building’s cafeteria.

DUES: Second grade dues are $20, which covers the cost of the moving up ceremony breakfast, 2nd grade moving up t-shirt, and gift. Additional donations are welcome and help support all students at PS 99. A Committee member will be on hand to collect dues and provide receipts on Parent-Teacher Conference on November 15th. Cash or money order made out to PS 99 Parents’ Association. No checks will be accepted.

T-SHIRT ORDER: All 2nd grade students will receive a t-shirt at the time of the Moving Up Ceremony. Please fill out and return the form that will be sent home, along with dues on Parent-Teacher Conference November 15th. You can also order through the Parents’ Association website at (Please note you will still need to submit payment during the November 15th at the Parent-Teacher Conference.) Please make plans to attend the PA General Meeting on November 29th where we will provide some more information about the 2nd grade moving up ceremony.

6th Grade Dues Deadline: November 15th


Make this a memorable year for the Class of 2019!

DUES: Class dues are $65, to cover the cost of a yearbook, custom t-shirt, the 6th grade prom and the 6th grade picnic. A committee member will be available to collect dues at the Parent Teacher Conference on November 15. Receipts will be given at the time of payment. (Cash or money order made out to PS99 Parents’ Association, along with your child‘s name and class.)

Additional donations are welcome and appreciated! Your donations benefit all students at PS 99 through the teachers’ Wish Lists and other efforts.

Yearbook Statements: Please help your child complete their Yearbook Statements via our online form at OR submit via the following page along with your payment of dues on November 15.

Yearbook Cover & T-shirt Design: If your child would like to create artwork for the yearbook and/or T-shirt, please indicate that on the form and include with your payment of dues on November 15.

BABY/CANDID Pictures FOR YEARBOOK: If you would like to submit a baby photo or school-related candid pictures for the yearbook, please email the picture(s) in JPEG format by February 2 to

For the baby photo, please include student’s name and class. For the candids, include a brief description along with names of all students pictured.

Due to space issues we may not be able to use all candid photos submitted, but we will do our best to include all submissions. We regret that we cannot accept any hard copies of photos.

Volunteers NEEDED: If you would like to volunteer for the Yearbook, 6th Grade Prom and/or Picnic, please indicate it on your child’s Yearbook Statement form (that will be sent home this week or at and submit along with the payment of dues on November 15.

Help us make the celebration of the Class of 2019 a remarkable success!