Happy Summer!

It’s the end of June,
and the school year is done!
Enjoy your summer

Thank you to all the teachers and administrators who made the year a positive one! Despite the curve ball thrown our way, we prevailed and came out a stronger school community! #StingrayStrong

Please continue to visit this site over the break, as we will post community-related events and fun ideas for the summer, as well as news and updates for the upcoming 2020/2021 school year.

Enjoy your summer!

Congratulations Principal Sforza!

It’s official! Mr. Sforza will be the permanent principal of PS 99!

Many thanks to all the parents who have written in support for him during the interview process. Your letters no doubt made a huge difference!

Regardless of what happens in September, we can all rest assured that the school is in very capable leadership.

Congratulations, Principal Sforza!

6th grade T-shirts, yearbooks and session 3 after school refunds


The PA will be outside by the Main Building on Kew Gardens Road THURSDAY, JUNE 25TH from 9am – noon to give out 6th grade t-shirts and yearbooks, as well as give refunds for after school.

Those who would like to purchase a copy can stop by as well. Yearbooks are $20 per copy for the lower grades.

Parents who requested refunds for Session 3 after school can stop by to pick up their checks. (We cannot send the checks.)

The Annex gets new trees!

The Parks Department came by and planted a couple of new trees by the Annex playground! Looks like we have a baby Silver Maple and a baby Gingko on Kew Gardens Road, two of the most common species of trees in New York.

If you live close by, you can help the Parks Department care for the trees by removing weeds and litter around it. (And if you’re really interested in keeping it healthy, you can help water it 15-20 gallons a week from now until October!) Let’s all be mindful when we’re near the school, and help it grow!