Remote Picture Day is almost over!

Remote Picture Day is almost over for PS99. If you were unable to attend the in person picture day at PS99 there is one final chance to have your photos included in the class photos and yearbook… Remote Picture Day submissions are still possible but we don’t know how long the link will be active because the deadline already passed. If you were planning to send in a photo do it NOW!

Remote Picture Day is for everyone but time is running out so if you have not already uploaded your picture this is the last opportunity to join PS99 in making picture day a success.

Step 1 | Grab your phone, get dressed up and find a clean open wallStep

2 | Good lighting is keyStep

3 | Take a Great PhotoThere are detailed instructions on how to shoot a great photo that will match the in person photos at

Once you have your great photo you can upload it directly to the website. Make sure to select PS99 Kew Gardens School when uploading your photo. There is a $4.95 fee to have your photo retouched and prepared for printing. If the fee is a financial burden to your family please reach out to the Parents’ Association and we will do everything we can to help.

So grab your phone and get snapping now before it’s too late!

Remote Picture Day: 1/18 through 1/22

PS99 Picture Day is for everyone, including students who were unable to attend the in person photos this week. You can still participate so save the dates!Remote Picture Day for PS99 runs from 1/18/2021 through 1/22/2021 – so mark your calendar. Details on how to shoot and upload your pictures will follow shortly.