Character Day is Friday, October 30th

Friday, October 30th is Character Day!

Help your child bring their favorite books to life by dressing as their favorite storybook character! For this celebration, students should wear school-appropriate clothing. Some accessories like glasses, wigs, hats and face paints can be used. Please do not bring in masks, sharp objects, or weapons of any kind.

Students can bring in a copy of their favorite book their character is from, to share with their class. We hope everyone participates in this literary event!

The PA will also be collecting photos of your child/children in costume for possible use in this year’s yearbook. You can use the following form to submit your photos if you’d like to participate! We can’t wait to see all those faces in character!

Parent support group session – October 28th

Parents, are you feeling stressed? You are not alone! The PS99 PA presents a new way for parents in our school community to connect. Join us for an online support group session.

Lauren Clavin is a PS 99 kindergarten mom, a foster parent and a counselor. She works with parents all over New York City, facilitating parent support groups and workshops on issues related to the various challenges that come with raising kids in these uniquely stressful times. 

Tuesday, October 28th 8-9pm:

Join us:

Meeting ID: 874 4773 7984
Passcode: 462671

Class List Sign Up Deadline: October 29th

Every year, the PA prepares a Class List, a directory with the names of students by class, and the contact information of their parents/guardians.

The Class List allows parents of the same class contact one another for information regarding assignments and school-related news and events. During sign up, parents are asked if they would like to be CLASS PARENT LEADERS. CLASS PARENT LEADERS are parents who would like to assist with their child’s teacher with class- and school-related activities, and act as a liaisons between the PA and your child’s specific class and/or grade. Because this year is different, CLASS PARENT LEADERS will primarily work with the PA to help improve communications between the teacher and class parents.

Please use the following link to sign up for the Class List.


The Zoom link to enter the meeting will be posted here next week.

The PA will host its October general meeting on Thursday, October 15th at 6pm. All PS 99 parents are encouraged to attend and participate in the meeting. A separate link to the Zoom meeting will be posted here.


Middle School Applications
PS 99 Guidance Counselor Mr. Reid will stop by to help parents prepare for this year’s middle school application season. Parents of PS 99 grads will return to share their perspectives on local middle schools.

Class Lists & Class Parent Leaders
What it takes to be Class Parent Leaders.

Reimagine School Events During Distance Learning
Help the PA reimagine Picture Day, WorldFest and other events during distance learning.


Please mark your calendars. The PA will be hosting its first general meeting of the school year.

The Zoom link to enter the meeting will be posted here next week.

The Parents’ Association will host its first General Meeting of the school year. All PS 99 parents are encouraged to attend and participate in the meeting. A separate link to the Zoom meeting will be posted here.


School Leadership Team (SLT) election for parent representatives:
Parents, nominate yourself to join the SLT. Learn about issues, challenges and opportunities facing PS 99, and help advise the school leadership. SLT meets virtually once per month, beginning 9/29 at 5pm.

More about SLT:

PA Executive Board elections:
Due to spring’s school closure, our annual election for this year’s board was postponed until September. Parents can still nominate themselves to run for a position on the board, to help the PA support our school community.

For more information about how to nominate yourself for the SLT or PA executive board elections, email

Learning Pod Survey for Families

The Parents’ Association has created a Learning Pod Survey in English and in Spanish. These surveys are for parents to complete if they would like to form their own small group or learning pod with one or more other families from our school community, in order to share childcare and help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

We ask that parents complete this survey by FRIDAY September 11th. Those families who participate in the survey will receive a list of other interested parents on SATURDAY September 12. Parents can use the list to find families to match up with, and form their own learning pods.



Parent Forum: August 7th 7-9pm

Dear Parents and Guardians:

You are invited to participate in a parent engagement forum on August 5th from 7pm to 9pm. This parent forum is hosted by The Parent Leaders of Queens South (PLQS) to discuss the topic of Schools Reopening for the 2020-2021 school year. In order to answer parent questions, we have invited the Superintendents of D27, D28, D29 and QHS, along with other important decision makers. We are asking parents who would like to participate to use the link below to register and to submit questions for our panelist.

Registered participants will receive a link to the Zoom meeting. Please share with your school community.

Please register here.