Class Parent Leaders and PA Volunteers


CLASS PARENT LEADERS are parents who would like to assist with their child’s teacher with class- and school-related activities. CLASS PARENT LEADERS are occasionally asked to volunteer their knowledge and experience for classroom events such as Career Day, or asked to read to a classroom on Punch & Pillow Day. CLASS PARENT LEADERS also act as a liaisons between the PA and your child’s specific class and/or grade. Because this year is different, CLASS PARENT LEADERS will primarily work with the PA to help improve communications between the teacher and class parents.

You will be asked if you’d like to be a CLASS PARENT LEADER when you sign up for the CLASS LIST. SIGN UP FOR THE CLASS LIST HERE. 


PA VOLUNTEERS are parents who would like to assist in PA-organized, school-wide functions. While the school hosts its own school-related activities, the PA VOLUNTEERS are essential to the success of the fund-raising functions of the PA to enhance our children’s school experience. PA VOLUNTEERS help in whatever capacity they can, whether it is to help students choose books at the book fair, help sell baked goods at a bake sale, or help set up decorations for the holiday gathering. The PA VOLUNTEERS are the backbone of the PA, helping to ensure events run smoothly.

Some of the annual activities and events that are run by the PA:

1) Picture Day
2) Parent-Teacher Conference Bake Sales
2) WinterFest
3) WorldFest
4) Scholastic Book Fair
5) Teacher Appreciation Brunch
6) Sixth Grade Graduation & Prom