2019-2020 Executive Board


MIRIAM KESSLER has served on the Board for 4 years, most recently as Co-President. Miriam aims to help all parents find their unique way to support the PA’s goal: to support teachers and staff to enrich our children’s education. Miriam has a 1st and 5th grader attending 99 this year.

MICHELE GONZALEZ has served for 3 years, most recently as Co-President. Michele has been the chair for the Scholastic Book Fair for 4 years, has been a Learning Leader volunteer, as well as parent volunteer coordinator for PA events. She has organized dyslexia awareness training, and plans to bring in programs and presentations on other important topics for teachers, while keeping it fun and educational for our kids. Michele has a 5th grader attending 99.

GARY KIRTON has served on the PA Board for 3 years in various positions. He helped streamline the PA’s use of tech for communication and archiving. He also presides over emcee duties at World Fest. As Co-Treasurer, Gary plans to keep the PA budget transparent and up-to-date, and ensure that the PA makes smart investments in our kids’ education. Gary has a 5th grader attending 99.

DEBBIE MCGIRT volunteered with the PA for 5 years on numerous activities and events. This is Debbie’s first year as Co-Treasurer and as an alternate on the School Leadership Team. She has attended many off-site conferences to seek out activities and programs that can be beneficial to our children. Her goal is to also keep the PA budget transparent and up-to-date as well as provide strategies to the Board to increase timely intake of funds to facilitate activities for the students and teacher’s wishlists. She is on the 6th grade and Bylaws committee and makes herself available when needed. She has a 6th grade grand-daughter attending 99.

JEFF ZIMMER has volunteered at many PA events, lending support where it’s needed. As Recording Secretary, Jeff will maintain accurate records for the PA monthly meetings, providing precise notes to busy parents who cannot attend. Jeff has a kindergartener and 2nd grader attending 99.

JENNYFER ROSERO BRUNO has served on the PA Board for 1 year as Vice President. She has volunteered on numerous activities and events over the years, and helps the Board with translating material into Spanish for both printed notices as well as during the general meetings. She plans to continue on with this important role to ensure Spanish-speaking families receive accurate and timely notices. Jennyfer has a 1st and 5th grader attending 99.

LISA FU manages the PA website and social media page, as well as create PA-related school notices. She also spearheaded the Kindness Box to keep clean, donated winter items handy for the kids and volunteered for numerous events. Lisa has been on the School Leadership Team for two years. As Corresponding Secretary, Lisa facilitates the flow of communications to keep parents updated on all PA related activities. She has a 2nd grader at 99.