Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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  1. How is the transition from class to lunch and back to class made?
    • After children at the Main Building are done with lunch they go out to the school yard to wait for their teachers to bring them back to their classrooms.
    • After children at the Annex are done with lunch they can either read, color, dance, or watch a video for 10 minutes until their teachers bring them back to their classrooms.
  2. Are translation services available for parents when meeting with school officials or teachers?
    •  All NYC schools offer free interpretation and translation services in Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, French, Haitian Creole, Korean, Russian, Spanish, and Urdu. If you need help in one of these languages, ask your school’s principal or parent coordinator. There is also a Language Access Coordinator (LAC) in every school who can help.
    • Here is a helpful brochure with a cut-out “I speak” card.
    • If you need translation assistance please contact the NYC DOE Translation assistance team for help with these languages.
      العربية  | বাংলা  | 中文  | Français | Kreyòl Ayisyen  |  한국어  | Русский  | Español |  اردو
  3. Which grades are in the Main Building? In the Annex?
    • Grades K through 2 are in the Annex
    • Grades 3-6 are in the Main Building
  4. Who are learning leaders?
  5. What is the School Leadership Team?
    • The SLT plays a significant role in creating and fostering a structure that supports school-based decision making and helps to shape the path to a collaborative school culture.
  6. What is the Principal’s Summit meeting?
    • The summit is a meeting one the principal, a teacher representative, an aide representative, and a Parents’ Association representative to discuss school matters.
  7. What is Tea with the Principal?
    • Every month the principal meets with parents of a certain grade level to discuss school topics, answer questions, and drink tea or coffee.


  1. How often do the children get to play outside?
    • Children at the annex get to use the playground once a week after lunch, depending on the weather.
    • Teachers may also opt to bring children out to the playground during another period.
  2. How often, and for how many minutes, do children watch videos?
    • Children watch videos some days after lunch, usually for around 10 minutes before their teachers bring them back to their classrooms.

Main Building

  1. How often do the children get to play outside?
    • Children at the main building get to use the school yard every day after lunch, depending on the weather