Who at the school do I go to for help?

Many parents come to our general Parents’ Association meetings with concerns, but they aren’t always sure who to reach out to for help. We hope this list helps clarify who can assist you with various questions.

  1. In most cases you should reach out to your child’s teacher first, either by writing a note and putting it in your child’s folder, calling or emailing, or by making an appointment for Tuesday afternoon parent-teacher check-ins. For everyone’s safety at dismissal please do not try to speak with your child’s teacher at dismissal. 
  2. If the teacher is unavailable or your concern is about the teacher, please reach out to the Parent Coordinator, Barbara Hopkins, next. Her phone number is 347-563-8692.
  3. If you don’t hear back from the Mrs. Hopkins within a week, please reach out to one of the two assistant principals, Mr. Sforza and Mrs. Trujillo.
  4. Parents and members of the public are also able to observe the School Leadership Team (SLT) meetings. Decisions and concerns around curricula can be addressed there.
  5. If your concern is about social services, counseling needs, or the transition to middle school, please contact the guidance counselor, Mr. Reid.
  6. If your concerns are not addressed by the five resources above, or if the matter is of grave concern, please make an appointment with Mrs. Brennan to speak with the principal, Mrs. Foglio.
  7. If your concern is not addressed by any of the people above, please contact the District 28 Family Coordinator, Sonia Rueda.

You can also read through our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for more info.