Welcome Back!


As the 2017-2018 school year truly kicks off, we hope your children are getting off to a great start!

A few important things to make sure you’ve checked off your list:

  • School Lunch is now free for everyone! However, to help keep this and other programs funded, our children still need you to complete and return the lunch application form (or fill it in online at nyc.applyforlunch.com).
  • If you haven’t already, please fill out and return your child(ren)’s Blue Cards as soon as possible. It’s critical that the school has the most up to date information on file.
  • Make sure you’ve reviewed and returned the tear-off portions of all applicable permission forms sent home on the first day of school (neighborhood walks, physical education, field trip policy, dismissal policy, religious instruction, etc.)
  • Please complete and return your contact information for inclusion in your child’s class list as soon as possible. This list will help you if you need to contact other students and their families regarding homework or other questions, and provides your Class Parents with a means of reaching you regarding class news, events, or funds collections. The list will ONLY be shared with families in your child’s class and the teacher.

Best wishes to all for a great year ahead! Stay tuned for news on our first Parents’ Association meeting.

The PS99 Parents’ Association


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