Meet your new SLT members!

A School Leadership Team (SLT) is a group consisting of all the constituencies that make up our school: The Principal and Assistant Principals, a Parents’ Association Co-President, a UFT (United Federation of Teachers) Chapter Leader, Parents and Staff.

SLT members develop and review the schools’ Comprehensive Education Plan (CEP), including annual goals and objectives; consult with the Principal in developing a school- based budget and staffing plan aligned with the CEP; and assist in the evaluation and assessment of the school’s educational programs and their effect on student achievement.

At this month’s General Meeting, the PA held an election to fill the positions of the outgoing parent members. We’re pleased to announce the newest members and alternate members of the SLT!


From Left: Alpana Patel, Joel Grayson, Debbie McGirt (alternate), Silva Eden (alternate), Anna Valasco


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