Please mark your calendars. The PA will be hosting its first general meeting of the school year.

The Zoom link to enter the meeting will be posted here next week.

The Parents’ Association will host its first General Meeting of the school year. All PS 99 parents are encouraged to attend and participate in the meeting. A separate link to the Zoom meeting will be posted here.


School Leadership Team (SLT) election for parent representatives:
Parents, nominate yourself to join the SLT. Learn about issues, challenges and opportunities facing PS 99, and help advise the school leadership. SLT meets virtually once per month, beginning 9/29 at 5pm.

More about SLT:

PA Executive Board elections:
Due to spring’s school closure, our annual election for this year’s board was postponed until September. Parents can still nominate themselves to run for a position on the board, to help the PA support our school community.

For more information about how to nominate yourself for the SLT or PA executive board elections, email

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