The PS 99 Parents’ Association strives to engage parents and support the teachers at PS 99.  We administer the After-School program, in collaboration with the school administration.

2016-2017 Executive Board:

Co-Presidents: Mayra Escobar and Jackeline L. Jauregui
Vice President: vacant
Treasurers: Ellen Kim and Michele Gonzalez
Recording Secretary: Miriam Kessler
Corresponding Secretary: Lauren Feldman Hay

Annual accomplishments and activities:

  1. Organizing the second grade moving-up ceremony
  2. Organizing several activities for graduating 6th graders:
    • Graduation
    • Prom
    • Picnic
    • Yearbook
  3. Teacher appreciation and teacher “wishlists”
  4. Picture day
  5. Book fairs
  6. Class lists/class parents
  7. Advocating for funds from local political offices such as the borough president and the city council.

Future activities

We would love to hear from parents about items they feel strongly about such as curriculum updates, transitioning to middle school, and physical activities. We would also like to engage the diverse community of which we are a part. Please contact us if you have ideas or would like to serve as a Parents’ Association translator or community ambassador.

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