UPDATE: The PA is gathering letters of support for Principal Sforza

Sforza for Principal

UPDATE: Thank you for all the letters of support. We’ll keep our fingers crossed on this end for a good outcome!


The PA is gathering letters of support for Mr. Sforza as he advances to the next round of interviews in consideration as the permanent principal of 99.

Please note that this is not a done deal.

As PS 99 parents, we really need your voice. The PA is seeking all your letters of commendations and messages of support for Mr. Sforza. We urge every parent and guardian to send individual letters using the contact form below.

Your letters will be compiled by the PA, and submitted to the superintendent on your behalf. (Should you wish to remain anonymous, we will remove your contact information when we compile for submission.)

Please spread the word to your fellow parent friends and community, and submit your statement by 5/19!


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