2nd Grade Dues Deadline: November 15


Help us make the 2nd Grade Moving Up Ceremony a huge success!

This is an exciting year for our 2nd grade students! Next year they will move to the Main Building for 3rd grade and join the “big kids.”

In celebration of this milestone, parents and guardians are invited to attend the Moving Up Ceremony on Tuesday, June 25, 2019, followed by a light breakfast in the Main Building’s cafeteria.

DUES: Second grade dues are $20, which covers the cost of the moving up ceremony breakfast, 2nd grade moving up t-shirt, and gift. Additional donations are welcome and help support all students at PS 99. A Committee member will be on hand to collect dues and provide receipts on Parent-Teacher Conference on November 15th. Cash or money order made out to PS 99 Parents’ Association. No checks will be accepted.

T-SHIRT ORDER: All 2nd grade students will receive a t-shirt at the time of the Moving Up Ceremony. Please fill out and return the form that will be sent home, along with dues on Parent-Teacher Conference November 15th. You can also order through the Parents’ Association website at www.ps99parents.org/2nd-grade. (Please note you will still need to submit payment during the November 15th at the Parent-Teacher Conference.) Please make plans to attend the PA General Meeting on November 29th where we will provide some more information about the 2nd grade moving up ceremony.

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